C-suite technology executive, researcher, software architect, visionary, and business strategist for hire.

Over twenty years industry experience as entrepreneur, angel investor, Limited Partner, C-suite executive, and inventor, including 10 years as Vice President and CTO, EarthLink.

Mobile Apps

Phew App

Phew! is the first and only app that provides crowd-sourced, age–specific YouTube and web content for kids.

Technologies used: Native iOS app, Java webapp backend, Restful API, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Youtube API, AI/ML

ReInsta App

reInsta was an easy to use and fun photo sharing app and social network that introduced a unique “Bring Your Own Cloud Storage” model in which your photos are held in a data store controlled by you.

Technologies used: Native iOS app, Parse API backend, Restful API, Amazon AWS, Dropbox API

Whispergram App

Whispergram is a no ceremony voice chat app for iOS and Android, similar to Snapchat, but for audio instead of snaps.

Technologies Used: Java backend, Jersey 2, Google Guice, NoSQL, Push Notifications, deployed on AWS. Native IOS app, Native Android app

Cloud / SaaS

Zeality partners with Media, Entertainment and Sports industries, providing a management console and an SDK that can be integrated into mobile apps to enable unique immersive media such as VR/360° video to their fans or audiences.

Technologies used: iOS and Android native SDKs. Java webapp backend, Restful API, ReactJS, Amazon AWS.

140Plus Service

140plus was a powerful, yet easy to use, Twitter-based publishing tool, similar to Medium but pre-dating that service by several years.

Technologies used: Java webapp backend, Restful API, Responsive Mobile Web, HTML, CSS, Javascript, NoSQL database, Twitter API integration, Google Full-text Search integration.