PhoneGnome was the essential telephone add-on that fixed broken telephone services.

  • Softphone and Open SIP Credentials for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service.
  • Easy Free SIP Calls and Cheap VoIP Calling without a second line or second phone.
  • Mobile phone interface for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service.
  • Telemarketing Screening and Do Not Disturb Family-time features.
  • Voicemail to email and more for your existing phone number.
  • Missed call notifications to your mobile phone.
  • Call recording, for incoming and outgoing calls, automatically, or on-demand – download as WAV files to your PC.
  • All with No Monthly Fees
  • Low One-time Price $99.99

PhoneGnome technology let anyone with a telephone number and Internet service quickly augment their phone experience with next-generation Internet telephony capabilities.

  • Created and led development of patented PhoneGnome technology
  • Secured angel financing.
  • Secured strategic relationship with Linksys/Cisco
  • Led architecture and development of back-office Voice-over-IP platform
  • Led design and development of all TelEvolution/PhoneGnome systems and services
  • Achieved worldwide acclaim with little capital