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Phew! is the first and only app that provides crowd-sourced, age–specific YouTube and web content for kids. Phew! – The Internet for Kids from Phew! on Vimeo. Set up profiles for each of your kids and each one gets a unique age-appropriate experience. Technologies used: Native iOS app, Java webapp backend, Restful API, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon […]
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Zeality partners with Media, Entertainment and Sports industries to deliver immersive media such as VR/360° video to their fans or audiences. Zeality holds the distinction of having designed and developed the industry’s first ever cloud-based platform for integrating immersive media linking content, social engagement and commerce — the Immersive Media Engine (IME) which includes a management […]
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reInsta was an easy to use and fun photo sharing app and social network that introduced a unique “Bring Your Own Cloud Storage” model in which your photos are held in a data store controlled by you. reInsta allowed people to easily connect their own Dropbox for storage of their reInsta photos. This way, you […]
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140plus was a powerful, yet easy to use, Twitter-based publishing tool. 140plus rich tweets are not limited to 140 characters and may contain photos or other graphics. Host your rich tweets on Users simply authorized the app by logging in using a Twitter account and they were done. It was free too! Who used 140plus? […]
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voovox offers affordable, easy to manage, self-service Voice-over-IP services for end-users and businesses, with no monthly fees. Open an account for as little as $5 USD! Voovox Voice over IP (VoIP) communication services include: Inbound and Outboud VOIP, A-Z Termination, Virtual Calling Card, Callback, Personal Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Conferencing, and SMS services.
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PhoneGnome was the essential telephone add-on that fixed broken telephone services. Softphone and Open SIP Credentials for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service. Easy Free SIP Calls and Cheap VoIP Calling without a second line or second phone. Mobile phone interface for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service. Telemarketing Screening and Do Not […]
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No ring.No hello.No goodbye. No ceremony voice chat for iOS and Android. Push To Talk with friends and family. Whispergram was a project inspired by a book by Robert Hopper entitled Telephone Conversation. Developed with Mark Petrovic, it was a cloud-based service and offered an iOS app and Android version too. Technologies: Java backend, Jersey […]
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