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All About Startups

Welcome, my name is David Beckemeyer. I’m a startup-focused entrepreneur, developer, mentor, investor, and executive-for-hire in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 20 years experience, founding, running, advising, and investing in tech-startups.

My passion is working with world-class startup teams to successfully deliver products that make a positive impact on the world.

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After we complete my proven method, you’ll end up with a clear company positioning and strategy, a narrative for investment, the pitch deck with flow to carry that narrative, and knowledge transfer to be fully prepared to go before investors.

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Execution & Product Delivery
For the right startup team and business opportunity, I can take a hands-on role as part-time or interim CTO, VP Engineering or similar role as appropriate. Ideally, I immerse myself into the team, discover capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and apply a unique breadth and depth of expertise to fill any gaps.

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We will go on a journey together. We will separate myth from harsh realities.

At the end of this process, the end result is to improve the odds of success. We will understand the kind of investors you want, the kind of money, how much, how to find them, and how to present your investment opportunity.


A successful engagement requires transparency. I need to understand long-term and near-term goals of the company. Then I apply my experience to prioritize and organize work to most efficiently obtain those goals. In other words, know what you want and I’ll help you get there.

It’s best to immerse physically when possible. If the team is in the SF Bay Area it’s easier. But I have 30-years experience working with geographically distributed teams and know how to do that. It takes effort on all sides, including commitment from upper management.

One of my biggest strengths is fairly quickly taking a big picture view of the problems to be solved to achieve goals vs. the resources and capabilities of the company, then adjusting priorities and filling in gaps to get the most important things done, and to most efficiently achieve those goals. In some sense you could call that optimizing technical debt. My breadth of experience and expertise and willingness to dive in when and where needed allows me to quickly and seamlessly change roles to fill gaps to overcome staffing challenges.

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An advantage of working with me is that I can be somewhat flexible with compensation. I want to get paid, but I can work within cash-flow constraints, taking equity or deferred compensation for a portion. I seldom work for 100% equity and customers should know that right away.



Reach out via email or LinkedIn. I love getting to know fellow entrepreneurs!