Discover the Power of Boxing: Your Ultimate Fitness Journey!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! 🥋 Ever thought about stepping into boxing for an incredible workout?

Only $5 per class

Curious if our boxing class is the right fit for you? 🤔 Let’s find out together.

I’m David Beckemeyer, and I’m a lifelong boxing enthusiast who loves to introduce boxing and develop boxing skills.

Picture this: you walk into our class and dive into an easy warm-up, followed by some killer rounds of boxing combinations on the heavy bag. It’s like a cardio party that gives your mind a boost too!

Next we focus on your core strength with some mat exercises, ensuring every movement stems from a powerful center. And of course, we wrap it up with some stretches to keep you limber.

Whether you’ve never tried boxing workouts before or you’re practically a boxing pro, our class is a no-judgment zone. We’re a community that sweats together and grows together.

Ready to strap on those gloves? 🥊 Take the plunge and secure your spot by clicking below. Let’s crush those fitness goals!

Registration Open Now!

Register: Boxing Fundamentals Workout -> Town of Danville, Calif website

Jun 4, 2024 – Aug 20, 2024
Tuesdays, 9am-10am

$5 per class for residents, $6 for non-residents!

Age at least 50 yrs but less than 99 yrs, Mixed

Registration for Danville residents Opens May 7, 2024
Registration for all begins May 14, 2024.