Pleased to meet you, I'm David Beckemeyer

Welcome. I'm an entrepreneur, developer and executive-for-hire in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 20 years experience in technology and executive leadership, including 10 years as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer EarthLink, Inc. My strength is identifying promising contrarian opportunities, conceiving strategies to exploit those opportunities, and executing on those strategies to full effect.

I'm currently Co-Founder and CTO of SocialSource, Inc. developer of the first and only crowdsourced parent-approved kids YouTube and web app for kids Phew!

What I Do

My passion is helping to build great companies, products, and services. I work with early stage startups to help prepare them for growth and investment. I have a proven track record of clarifying a vision and inspiring and engaging a team around that vision.

I combine business acumen with technical expertise to help develop and refine pitch decks, financial models, technical strategy, and business plans; and I serve as Advisor or Interim CTO for growing companies.

Post PC-era

The Post-PC era has arrived. I'm focusing almost all my energy on mobile -- smartphones and tablets, and related services.


About David Beckemeyer

David Beckemeyer is the provocative serial entrepreneur, trusted strategic advisor, consultant, and executive-for-hire to private entrepreneurial and corporate clients; and he influences even more thought leaders globally through his writings and talks across a wide spectrum of technology and industry categories. He has been involved in technology IPOs, acquisitions, and numerous private investment and strategic partnership deals.


David is probably most well known as the founding CTO of EarthLink, Inc. where he served for ten years, from 1995 to 2006, variously as VP Engineering, CTO, and VP R&D.

EarthLink pioneered the "all-you-can-eat" consumer Internet service model and was the first ISP to offer nationwide $19.95 dial-up Internet access.


Beckemeyer Development (BDT.COM) was a pioneering Internet startup founded in 1985. Long before there was a World-Wide-Web, David guided BDT.COM in providing general Internet consulting and design engineering services, large scale distributed systems, Intranet design and implementation, network security, firewalls, intruder detection and response, and Internet integration to a world-wide client base.


After leaving EarthLink, David founded TelEvolution, Inc. an Internet telecommunications firm with a patented platform that dramatically improves the economics of developing and delivering next-generation communications applications and services. TelEvolution provides the technology behind PhoneGnome, Voovox, Phweet, and other private-label VoIP brands and services.

Startup Consultant

David has worked with startups on strategy, technology, corporate development, and venture / exit issues throughout his careeer. He has consulted to startups across diverse industries-- from software, networking, cloud services, and social media, to mobile, entertainment, and consumer products-- and he has been an advisor or investor in numerous funded startups with several exits.

sampleimage3 This "jukebox," which David helped develop and deliver to the Library of Congress, stored and retrieved 12-inch 1-gigabyte optical disks, was state-of-the-art technology in 1984.

Early Career

David began his career in the early 1980's as a Software Engineer for Nicolet Zeta, developing firmware for pen-plotters, regarded among the highest quality at the time, and, subsquently, at Integrated Automation (a Teknekron Company), developing high-end document automation software, at the forefront of that technology.

Projects and Open-source

Below are some other projects David has worked on, or continues to work on:



My work generally falls into the categories of capital raise consulting, executive coaching business modeling and planning, software development, and technology strategy. This includes review and development of pitch decks, business plans, and financial models, as well as technical strategy and recruiting plans. I also assess teams and software, perform due diligence and provide practical guidance on software development and product delivery.

My focus these days is almost exclusively on mobile: smartphones and tablets, and related apps and services. However, my work has been both broad (across multiple industries and company stages) and deep (within technology, strategy, software, and operations) so don't be shy in communicating your company's needs.

Startup Consulting and Advisory

Over the past several years, I've helped launch companies, scale companies, develop products and deploy services. I've served (and continue to serve) on several startup advisory boards, and helped recruit others for advisory boards.

Examples of startup consulting include:

  • Business model design and development
  • Executive coaching
  • Technical development and startup CTO work
  • Hands-on software development and / or management
  • Best practices deployment and operations
  • Advisory board recruiting and / or participation

This work is usually structured on a project basis or as a part-time interim operating role.

Seed, Angel, and Venture Capital Consulting

Despite the image often presented in tech. publications, raising capital is hard - very hard. For example, a typical Sand Hill Road VC will receive 10,000 business plans and do 10 deals-- a 0.1% hit rate.

I've been through the process and can help in a number of ways:

Pre-Funding Prep:

  • Financing strategy within the context of founder needs and objectives (who, when, how much)
  • Positioning of the company in an optimal manner; Pitch development and refinement
  • Preparation and refinement of other investor-related materials

Roadshow Support:

  • Investor research; Creation of target investor lists; Management of "collective rolodex"
  • Investor outreach and networking: getting meetings
  • Investor introductions, presentations, diligence, and negotiations

I've served as Advisor, Consultant, or CTO to help companies accelerate the funding & closing process.


I get paid through a combination of fees, equity, and deferred compensation:

  • For pitch decks and business plans, I typically charge an hourly or fixed fee.
  • For Advisory Board work, I typically receive a nominal amount of equity.
  • For Capital Raise, remuneration is usually a blend of retainer, equity, and deferred consulting fees (paid after the deal closes).
  • For Interim CTO I get paid via a blend of retainer and equity.

Software Development

Allow me to put proven software best practices to work for you. I help companies implement software engineering best practices that are best suited for their needs.

The results are better team productivity, greater project predictability, and overall improved product quality.

I can help you answer questions like:

  • How long should this project take?
  • How much should this project cost?
  • Should I build or buy?
  • How many people will I need to achieve my objectives?
  • What should we focus our technology resources on first?

Technical Expertise

I've been developing software, building networks, and managing teams for over twenty years, continuously improving my skillset to stay current on modern languages, protocols, development tools, practices, and methodologies. My expertise runs from low-level kernel OS and drivers to high-level user-interfaces, including Objective C, C, Java, Python, Perl, and PHP, to name just a few, and Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 web technologies, as well as Facebook and Twitter social networking APIs. I also have a deep understanding of IP networks, protocols, and many years experience with network engineering tools and practices. Platforms include iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac apps, Linux/UNIX server-side, Amazon AWS cloud services, and web/REST frameworks, all applying AGILE, Devops, and continuous integration methods.


Post-PC Era

iPods changed the media industry. iPhones changed smartphones forever and ramped even faster. Now, the iPad is experiencing three-times the growth of the iPhone and is leaving the traditional PC in the dust.

Smartphone and tablet shipments surpassed PC shipments in 2010. The installed base of traditional desktop PCs and notebook PCs is declining while the tablet market is enjoying rocketing growth.

Almost everything — from media to product design to health care to recruiting – is being “re-imagined” thanks to digital technology. The growing market for smartphones and tablets and easy access to information has already changed education, photography, publishing, financing and other industries.

In one area after another, we find small little companies are changing the world.

Your mobile strategy may be the most important part of your business.

In 2008, the mobile market was less than $1 billion. Today, there are more mobile devices on Earth than people. Mobile Ad Spending alone reached $13.1 billion in 2013. Users are overwhelmingly choosing tablets as their preferred way to access content. They are also using their smartphones and tablets increasingly to create content.

Smartphone and tablet adoption is changing the way consumers shop for products and interact with brands. About a quarter of all Internet shopping traffic on Black Friday 2012 was conducted using either a smartphone or tablet, up from just 6% in 2010. Apple iOS shopping was four-times greater than Android.

If you want to reach people, smartphones and tablets are critical. But simply reaching them isn't enough. Companies still need to offer something consumers really want and, with small displays that restrict placing ads, along with slower networks and slower CPUs, smartphones and tablets require that companies re-examine business models designed for the PC era.

Jumping on an opportunity and making money off it are two very different things.



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